ACE Contract 2023

Article 1
Teacher Induction Program
Article 19
Article 2
Peer Assistance and Peer Review
Article 20
District Rights Article
Article 3
Shared Contract Employment
Article 21
Association Rights
Article 4
Discipline Article
Article 22
Association Consultation
Article 5
Year-Round Education
Article 23
Association Security
Article 6
Special Education
Article 24
Wages and Health and Welfare Benefits
Article 7
Other Programs
Article 25
Hours of Employment
Article 8
Completion of Meet and Negotiation
Article 26
Class Size
Article 9
Support of Agreement
Article 27
Evaluation Procedures
Article 10
Effect of Agreement
Article 28
Personnel Files Article
Article 11
Savings Article
Article 29
Transfer Policy Article
Article 12
Appendix I
Leave Policy
Article 13
Ratio Schedule for Non-Teaching Assignments
Appendix II
Safety Conditions of Employment
Article 14
Extra Duty and Miscellaneous
Appendix III
Grievance Procedures
Article 15
Coaching/Activity Pay
Appendix IV
Pre-Retirement Program
Article 16
Article V
Appendix V
Employment After Retirement
Article 17
Article VI
Appendix VI
Medical Coverage for Retirees
Article 18
Medical and Dental Rates
Appendix VIII



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