Conference Reports – 2018

The following conferences were attended by members of ACE this academic year.  Below is a short description of each of the conferences followed by two PDF links at the bottom that contain reports from attendees. These as well as additional conferences are offered every academic year. Please inquire, through the ACE office, for more information.

CTA Issues Conference

January 26-28, 2018

Event Description: CTA Issues Conference offers sessions and keynote speakers to help attendees understand and embrace the challenges facing educators today in our local communities and statewide.

Session Highlights 

  • Adult on Adult Bullying at Schools: The Silent Epidemic
  • Ethnic Minority Leadership Development: Communication for Effective Leadership
  • Member Engagement – The Key to a Stronger Union
  • Next Level: Parent and Community Organizing
  • Rights and Responsibilities for ESP

New Educator Weekend Conference

February 23-25

Event Description: New Educator Weekend is a new type of conference for CTA members. Participants will be educators in their first three years in the profession. The New Educator Weekend has everything that new educators need in the first years of teaching with sessions and electives concentrating on:

  • Classroom Management – Creating a productive and inspiring learning environment
  • Navigating IEP’s and Special Education Areas
  • What I wish I knew my first years of teaching
  • Working with colleagues, administration and parents
  • Common Core, State Standards, Assessments and Pedagogy
  • Teaching is a Career
  • Resources and Programs available to members

Equity and Human Rights Conference

March 2-4, 2018

Event Description: This conference captures the essence in CTA’s Mission Statement: to ensure that the dignity and civil rights of all children and youth are protected and to secure a more equitable and democratic society.

This unique conference offers dynamic speakers and more than 40 workshops to provide all CTA members with a greater understanding of the issues of diversity, equity and social justice.

CTA Good Teaching Conference- South

March 16-18

Event Description: The CTA Good Teaching Conferences continue to support excellent teaching and learning practices for classroom teachers via peer-to-peer instruction. Offering a variety of diverse workshops focused on curriculum content areas for K-12 teachers, the conferences provide opportunities for professional development and offer time to network and share ideas with colleagues and experts in the field of education.

Here are just a few of the 80 different workshops scheduled offered:
– Positive Classroom Management Strategies
– NGSS and Engineering in the Elementary and Middle School Classroom
– Integrating Mindfulness in the Classroom
– Understanding Dyslexia
– Handling School Stress! Empowerment Tools for Teachers
– Student Loan Forgiveness
– Literacy in Secondary Science
– Inquiry Based Learning for Secondary Students

Click on the following links to read reports on the above conferences written by our fellow ACE Members

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