Author - ACE Colton

ACE 2017-2018 Training/Workshop/Conference Schedule

August 28 – New Educator Event – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

  • This is an orientation event for brand new teachers to Colton. Basics and vital information.

August 29 – New Permanent Educator Event – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

  • Just got your permanent status as of August 2nd? Come celebrate with ACE.

August 30 – ACE Grievance Joint Training – 3:30 pm-5:00 pm (at Grand Terrace High School)

  •  This is a training with the District that will go through the grievance process.

September 19 – ACE Site Representative Basic Training – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

  •  This is a general training for Site Representatives on how to be a good ACE Site Rep.

September 25 – CalSTRS Retirement Workshop – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

  • This is a retirement workshop put on by CalSTRS for folks within 5 years of retirement.
  • Sign ups for small group sessions with your Individualized plan will happen at this event!

September 26 – ACE Site Representative ADVANCED Training – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

  • This is an advanced training for Site Representatives, especially for veteran Site Reps.

September 30-October 2– CTA Conference:Fall Leadership/Ethnic Minority Leadership Development

December 8-10– CTA Conference: GLBT Issues

Friday, December 8 – ACE Holiday Party at the Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino

January 18 – Generation Debt: Student Loan Forgiveness – 4 pm-6:00 pm

  • This is a workshop put on by NEA Member Benefits about Student Loans and Forgiveness.

January 26-28 – CTA Conference: Issues, Unity and Advocacy in Education

February 23-25 – CTA Conference: New Educator Weekend

March 2-4 – CTA Conference: Equity and Human Rights

March 16-18 – CTA Conference: Good Teaching

April 20-21 – CTA Conference: Ethnic Minority Leadership Development

June – ACE Retirement Dinner

Calendar Survey 2018-19 – Additional Information

  • The start date affects the end date. For example the later we start, the later the school year ends.
  • Longer breaks during the school year may also affect the start and/ or end date.
  • The calendar for Elementary, Middle, and High School must be the same.
  • Due to earning semester credits, the number of student contact days in both semesters should be approximately the same.
  • Prep days and collaboration days are different as Collaboration days are LCAP directed days and Prep days would include staff meetings.
  • For Minimum days/ late starts, “keep”  refers to maintaining our current procedures (status quo), and do not keep would change the current procedures.

Get Involved with the ACE Participation Program

There are many reasons to get more involved with your Union. You get to form relationships with members from all across the district. You get more familiar with what is happening in the district. And, most importantly, you get to make a difference.

Now, you will also get rewarded.

ACE is excited to introduce a rewards program for its members. By participating in more events and activities, you will be entered into end-of-the-year drawings to receive gift certificates. This year, ACE is giving away 130 gift certificates to its members who get involved.

Soon, your ACE site reps will bring you an ACE Participation Card. The card will have several events and activities listed on it in which you can participate. When you attend these events, present your card to a member of the ACE Executive Board (the wonderful people in ACE polo shirts) and get it signed. By May 1st, turn your Participation Card into the ACE office to be entered into a drawing.

The drawings will be based on the number of events or activities in which you participate. Here is a breakdown of the drawings:


  • 9 or more events/activities – 10 $50 gift certificates.
  • 6 or more events/activities – 20 $25 gift certificates.
  • 3 or more events/activities – 100 $10 gift certificates.


Any cards not drawn for the $50 or $25 gift certificates will be included in the drawing for the $10 gift certificates.

See your ACE site rep for more information. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s events and activities.