ACE Contract

ACE Contract 2018-2021

Table of Contents

Recognition Article 1
Notice Article 2
District Rights Article 3
Association Rights Article 4
Association Consultation Article 5
Association Security Article 6
Wages and Health and Welfare Benefits Article 7
Hours of Employment Article 8
Class Size Article 9
Evaluation Procedures Article 10
Personnel Files Article 11
Transfer Policy Article 12
Leave Policy Article 13
Safety Conditions of Employment Article 14
Grievance Procedures Article 15
Pre-Retirement Program Article 16
Employment After Retirement Plan Article 17
Medical Coverage for Retirees Article 18
Peer Assistance and Peer Review (PAR) Article 19
Shared Contract Employment Article 20
Discipline Article 21
Year Round Education Article 22
Special Education Article 23
Other Programs Article 24
Completion of Meet and Negotiation Article 25
Support of Agreement Article 26
Effect of Agreement Article 27
Savings Article 28
Steps Appendix I
Ratio Schedule for Non-Teaching Assignments Appendix II
Extra Duty and Miscellaneous Appendix III
Coaching/Activity Pay Appendix IV
Article V Appendix V
Article VI Appendix VI
Medical and Dental Rates Appendix VII