Association of Colton Educators, Committees for 2018-2019

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Alvord/Colton Uniserv (ALCO) (openings)
Meets with Alvord union representatives to plan and coordinate activities between the 2 local unions. Also goes through our combined budget and directs our CTA staff person. Preferred skills: small group meeting, visionary, interpersonal communication.

Bargaining (have previously served on Junior Bargaining; must attend CTA Summer training July 29-August 2)
Negotiates the contract for the association. Works closely with the other members of the team to reach an agreement with the District on contract negotiations. Preferred skills: debate, consensus building, good listener, team player, able to see a specific issue from many different perspectives.

Junior Bargaining (always willing to train for this; must attend CTA Summer training July 29-August 2)
Negotiates the calendar for the association. Also negotiates other items with the District that are not necessarily contractual. Works closely with the other members of the team to reach an agreement with the District on the calendar or other issue. Must be trained by attending CTA training. Preferred skills: debate, consensus building, good listener, team player, able to see a specific issue from many different perspectives.

Benefits Advisory Committee (openings)
Meets with the District to consult on health and welfare benefits. Preferred skills: clear understanding of the health and welfare benefits plans in the District, basic understanding of health and welfare plans in general, willing to meet with District officials.

Budget (many openings)
Collaborates with the Treasurer of ACE to create a budget for the fiscal year. Preferred skills: basic budget skills, good with seeing the “big picture”, basic mathematics understanding

Communications (many openings)
Communicate with ACE members through various media including our newsletter, website, and Facebook page. Preferred skills: technology skills, written communication skills, experience with social media or any other media.

Community Outreach (many openings)
Creates and implements a plan to reach out to the broader community to get and retain support for public education in our local area. Preferred skills: interpersonal skills, likes meeting new people, friendly

Elections (many openings)
Conducts all association elections. Creates election timeline, ballots, and other materials. This group is also in charge of counting general election ballots and reporting the results. Basically, this committee does anything and everything that deals with association elections. Preferred skills: Organized

Organize and file all grievances of the association. Also work with the District to come to an agreement to each grievance. This involves maintaining documents and the timelines of each and every grievance in addition to following up and seeing each grievance to its conclusion. Preferred skills: problem-solving, understanding of the current contract, compassion, patience, willing to work with members in difficult situations

LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) (openings)
District joint committee that plans how to spend funds districtwide that comes from the state (approx. 6 million). Preferred skills: able to prioritize, see the good of the whole, think district-wide, debate in a large group, articulate benefits and weaknesses of various ideas.

Membership Engagement (many openings  – ACE needs A LOT of folks to help with this one next year)
Recruit, retain, maintain, and inform the membership. This committee is dedicated to letting our members know the benefit and value to being a part of ACE. Preferred skills: active ACE member, positive, comfortable talking with people

Organizing/Crisis (many openings)
Helps educate our members on current issues that pertain to ACE members. During “unfavorable” bargaining, organizes activities to support a fair negotiated settlement. Preferred skills: mobilizing a large group, public speaking, willing to stand up for your rights and the rights of others

PAC (Political Action Committee) (many openings)
Interviews candidates for school board and meets with other political entities in the surrounding area to make recommendations to the Executive Board to support political candidates. Preferred skills: basic understanding of local politics, collaboration with other committee members

PBIS (many openings)
This is a committee that will work on student behavior issues and the implementation of PBIS district-wide.

Peer Assistance Review (PAR) Panel (1 high school opening)
Oversees and coordinates the implementation of the PAR and induction programs. Meets twice a month with the District to discuss the programs. Personnel and confidential information is discussed. Preferred skills: Gone through BTSA (or induction program), advocacy for members, understanding of new teacher issues, problem-solving, able to work with District representatives, knowledge of mentoring

Scholarship (many openings)
Organizes the scholarship from the association. Distributes materials and timelines concerning the applications for the scholarship, reads all applications and determines the recipient(s) of the scholarship(s). Preferred skills: reading, fair-minded, objective.

Sick Leave Bank (openings)
Meets in collaboration with the District to discuss the current sick bank program. Also makes decisions on members who apply to use sick bank leave. Preferred skills: basic understanding of sick leave policies, team player, collaboration with District personnel, able to follow procedures.

Social (many openings)
Works to plan and implement all social events within the association. This includes the annual Holiday party in December, the annual Retirement celebration at the end of the school year, our regular mixer/social gatherings, and our Day of the Teacher appreciation. Also takes care of special occasions such as birthdays and births. Preferred skills: planning social events, outgoing, enthusiastic.

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